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ARTIST: Rumpistol
TITLE: Drops
LABEL: Rump Recordings
RELEASE DATE: August 30th, 2017
ORIGIN: Copenhagen, Denmark
GENRE: Electronic / Downtempo
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PIX: Photos_Martin_Bubandt




Rumpistol_01_2017_Photo_Martin_Bubandt_2000pxFor Danish composer Rumpistol, two huge driving forces behind his music are the search for beauty and the search for new sounds.

These sonic and aesthetic curiosities, which can be firmly traced back to his self-titled 2003 debut, and which anchor his identity, have taken him to many diverse fields of the electronic landscape, sometimes in collaboration with artists such as and John LaMonica.

Rumpistol_02_2017_Photo_Martin_Bubandt_2000pxWith his debut now something of a classic, praised by everyone from John Peel to Tipper—its melodic yet spaced-out qualities making IDM accessible—it seems fitting that he returns to his roots in order to take his sound forward.

On “Drops” – Rumpistol’s first full release in 3 years – the instrumental and downtempo qualities of his work are highlighted, while tied within the unifying theme of water.

After touring extensively with his electronic afro-jazz quartet Kalaha, and writing scores for modern dance and theater, the Danish composer felt an urge to bring the pace down. Taking up swimming, and living in the rain-soaked city of Copenhagen, he found himself exploring the sonic behaviors of one of our planets most vital elements.

The resulting work became “Drops”: 6 new tracks rooted in the same open minded playfulness that characterized his debut, integrating African instruments like the Kora and Kalimba, HD sound design, and the emotional landscapes of his scores.

“Drops” starts out on an undeniably Rumpistol, melancholic vibe, with “Circular Drops” gently easing us into his lush and detailed universe.

On the propulsive and upbeat “Forest Drops” we hear Dawda Jobarteh’s poetic kora merge with Bwoy de Bhajan’s exotic forest sounds, with hints of Ethiopian jazz buried within.

Rumpistol_03_2017_Photo_Martin_Bubandt_2000px“Pentatonic Drops” sounds like a childhood summer’s day on a sparkling river, while the retro “Slow Drops” present an icier, darker, more crystalline vibe, and could have been on the soundtrack to “Stranger Things”.

The epic and hypnotic “Kosmic Drops” conjures vast and plunging ocean waves in slow motion, with a synth solo reminiscent of “Wish You Were Here” era Pink Floyd.

The dazed and dubby closer, “Swing Drops”, combines fresh würlitzer, kora and kalimbas with an oversaturated power bass to leave you with a smile on your face, ready to take another dip.




PHOTOS: Martin Bubandt
MASTERING: Antony Ryan

01. Circular Drops
02. Forest Drops (feat. Bwoy de Bhajan)
03. Pentatonic Drops
04. Slower Drops
05. Kosmik Drops
06. Swing Drops




“Forest Drops can’t be compared to anything else because it simply doesn’t sound like anything you normally hear. It is electronic and sound-oriented, but at the same time very melodic. It is surprisingly fun and more care-free than most other music belonging to the electronic world…. Bees with metallic wings pollinate flowers with neon coloured surfaces and space ants slaves in the electric heat. There is both sunshine and drizzle in Rumpistol’s intergalactic rainforest.” – Bands of Tomorrow (DK)

“It’s a new age of New Age music and this time it’s got beats and attitude” – The Slow Music Movement (UK)

“What an absolutely gorgeous EP from Rumpistol!” – Swingset Sounds (US)

“Drops from near, distant and digital worlds. A solid ep for those who need some fringe music with swing.”GAFFA (DK)

“Rumpistol captures the sonic beauty of earth’s most vital element in ‘Drops’ EP.” – EARMILK (US)

Rumpistol slows it down on this EP in an attempt to sonically capture the fluidity of water from fast rushing currents to light drips of rain. The 6 tracks also contain an extensive landscape of various analog sounds to create this very serene feeling while still maintaining the bubbly playfulness that water can also instill. As boundless and far reaching as the oceans are, he utilizes various analog sounds while including a mixture of various African instruments like the kora and kalimba.”EARMILK (US)

“Fine work. Thank you for sharing and all the best with it.” – A La Fu (UK)

“Nice Work” – Part Time Heroes / Ross Wakefield (UK)

“Rumpistol. Always worth checking out” – James Barrie (UK)

“Lovely Drops” – Peter Albrechtsen / Sound Designer & Music Supervisor (DK)

“Rumpistol’s “Drops” take us to the amazing debut that this office love. Let him push you to a new great sound design.” (ES)

“Waterbased electro-poptimism”Ralf Christensen / Information (DK)




AUG. 03rd: “Kosmik Drops” played on NTS RADIO (DE) by Anastasia Kristensen & Bjørn Svin.
AUG. 18th: “Fores Drops” premiered by BANDS OF TOMORROW (DK).
AUG. 23rd: “Pentatonic Drops” played on DUBMISSION / WYEP  PITTSBURGH (US) by Kerem Gokmen.
AUG. 24th: “Circular Drops” played on THE SLOW MUSIC MOVEMENT (DK) by James Barrie
SEP. 03rd: “Pentatonic Drops” featured on RADIO1-NOVINKY NA ALTERNATIVNÍ SCÉNĚ (CZ) by Josef Sedlon.
SEP. 04th: “Slower Drops” played on O DOMINIO DOS DEUSES (PT).
SEP. 04th: “Circular Drops” featured on EARMILK’S THROUGHOUT SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (US)
SEP. 07th:”Forest Drops” featured on THE RUST MUSIC BLOG’s AUGUST PLAYLIST Compiled by Wyler Sanca.
SEP. 11th: “Slower Drops” played on HEARTBEATS / MANGO DRIVE (DK) by Pernille Krog Mogensen.
SEP. 25th: “Swing Drops” played on THE BASIC SOUL SHOW (UK) by Simon Harrison.
OCT. 10th: “Pentatonic Drops” featured on FINEST EGO RADIO by Gordon Gieseking. 
DEC. 12th: “Pentatonic Drops” featured on DR P8 JAZZOOM by Jonas Visti.