Rumpistol Ensemble 

Jens B. Christiansen (keys & electronics) 
Maria Jagd / Søren Stensby (violin)
Helene Tungelund (harp/vocals)
Line Felding (cello)
Emil de Waal (drums)


Booking Details

Denmark: Keld Jørgensen – – ph: +4520626622
World: Feel Life Music / Itay Berger ph: +34647116478
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Rumpistol Ensemble Background

With industry plaudits including Gilles Peterson and musical comparisons to composers such as Nils Frahm and Max Richter, award-winning Danish producer, film composer, electronic musician and pianist Jens B. Christiansen (aka Rumpistol) finished his Piano Trilogy in 2023.

Characterised by his meditative and cinematic sound, the trilogy sits in a beautiful space somewhere between ambient music, jazz and neo-classical stylings and is the result of Rumpistol’s two decades of experience in creating electronic ambient music for the inner canvas, but is also largely influenced by feedback received from people who use his music to get through difficult crises such as grief, anxiety, stress and depression.

Rumpistol sought out a team of skilled instrumentalists to feature on his new music, as it was important to him that his audience could sense the human presence in his recordings. Lush strings, fretless bass, mesmeric vocals, harp, alto flute, and guitars give Rumpistol’s cavernous soundscapes a sense of intimacy and closeness.

Sitting somewhere between ambient electronica, neoclassical music, soft-rock, and jazz, the piano trilogy is a dynamic exploration of meditative moods built with wide ranges of processed electronic and organic instrumental texture. Rich comforting harmony, lyrical melodies and thoughtful arrangements come together to flood the listener in peace and warmth.

In essence, Rumpistol brings together the many facets of a career which includes the band Kalaha, computer games, dance, theatre and film scores into a sound that brilliantly defies easy classification.

During his concerts, Jens B. Christiansen share stories about the course of his burn-out and about how he fought his way back to reality. 

Link to Piano Trilogy:
01. After The Flood (2020)
02. Isola (2022)
03. Going Inside (2023)

English Press sheet “Going Inside” Album (2023).
Danish Press sheet “Going Inside” Album (2023).

Review Quotes:

“A splendid beautiful record worth looking for” – Gilles Peterson / BBC 6 Music / Worldwide FM (UK)

“Copenhagen’s Jens Berents Christiansen (Rumpistol) has been producing an ambitious trilogy over the past few years, and this is the concluding and most fully realized installment.”  – A Closer Listen (UK)

“.. a striking, compelling and appealing creation within the ambient music field.” Progressor-net (UZ)

“The music sparkles with many colors, it can be idyllic, but also full of anxiety; in each of these editions, however, it is above all very ethereal and atmospheric, sometimes even magically romantic.”  – (PL)

“When I travel, I like to arrive at the airport well in advance, and Rumpistol has truly built an airport , you want to spend some time in.” Christopher Zieler / Weekendavisen (DK)  Recommendation of the week 

“Christiansen’s personal development as an artist, going from an electronic music standpoint with his eponymous debut album in 2003 to Going Inside today, demonstrates an extraordinary talent for composition, but the key takeaway here is melody; this man knows how to write seductive and alluring melody.”The Letter (UK) 

“A sensuous visual and extremely wonderful sound universe with an almost mindfulness film reel with beautiful evocative images and time for inner peace and contemplation…..mesmerizing and highly recommended” – Music and Concertxp (DK)

“The peaceful exhale and recovery from all the darker emotions and feelings of loss and sadness that the last 2 albums conveyed “The Wonky Angle (US)

“It all feels natural and balanced; river follows ebb, heavy becomes light, darkness turns to light and vice versa. Going Inside is a sound therapy journey that undulates as much forwards as it does backwards. You decide for yourself how deep and long the journey will be.”  – GAFFA (DK)

“Meditative, beautiful and harmonious music”PossibleMusics (F)
“Something has been created that is absolutely fascinating”Musik an Sich (DE)
A Closer Listen (UK) included “Going Inside” in their “The Happiest Music of the Year” 2023 list and wrote:
“The album, the third of a trilogy, was specifically made for those struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. And the cool thing is, it works. The music exudes healing and calm, making liberal use of chimes, waves and birds. Music therapy need not happen in an office; through this album, it can also occur at home.”

“An album with music that subtly defies conventions or blend traditions in a slightly unusual and highly effective but always careful manner. Those with an interest in high quality ambient music that has been carefully crafted with a liberal array of details to enjoy should find this album to be quite the interesting experience. Especially if you tend to enjoy artists that blends in aspects from classical music and world music into an electronic ambient music context.” Progressor-net (UZ) 

“A great finale to the trilogy” – JazzNyt (DK)

“ISOLA is a work of great intimacy with moments of impressionistic orchestral grandeur and tender, even pastoral jazz expression.” – Truth and Lies (UK)

”Isola is nothing short of a compositional masterpiece” – Back Seat Mafia (US)

”A career defining album.” – The Letter (UK)

I may just mark it as Rumpistol single strongest work to date” ”I think this album is absolutely fantastic and has a strong shot at being my favorite album of the whole year.”  – The Wonky Angle (US) (9.3 ud af 10) 

“A marvelous work that at once appears magnificent and diminutive … with an almost magical, image-creating power”. – Jazz Special (DK)

“Organic, tactile and unstoppable … Alluring and sensually beautiful”” – GAFFA (DK)

“God damn did it hit me like a ton of bricks! Every track conveys this sense of aching sadness and loneliness that takes me into som kind of post-apocalyptic world. Like an abandoned city that’s been reclaimed by nature and I just have no freaking words for it. It is astonishing just how much emotional power this project had for me. Just completely swept me off my feet … Excellent Stuff!” – The Wonky Angle (US)

“Delightful, somehow strangely intense and damn well produced” – Music Dances When You Sleep

“A beautiful and quite varied piece of musical landscape.” – Tor Hammerø (NO) 

The imagination is a wonderful thing, and if one allows it to run free, the music of “Isola” creates its own story and has the capacity to take the listener on their very own personal journey.” UK Vibe / Mike Gates (UK)

“Nothing short of magnificent.” – Papas Vinyl Corner (US)

“Each listen evokes new respect and appreciation” – DJ Maggie (US)

“Beautiful album, a delicate composed piece of art. Emotional and compelling… an intimate story telling” – DJ Nanda (DK)

“Derrubado por um forte estresse, cujos sintomas começaram a bater após um show no Rio, em 2018, ao lado do BaianaSystem, ele teve que pausar a carreira e se desligar de tudo, em vários sentidos. Sem conseguir olhar para uma tela de computador, reencontrou o piano da infância como forma de expressão. Nele, compõs as 12 faixas do disco, que trocam as elaboradas criações eletrônicas anteriores por um minimalismo enriquecido por violinos, cellos e um raro órgão de cristal. Foi assim que, depois da inundação, Rumpistol se reergueu. E caminhou, suavemente.” – Calbuque / Resenhas Miudas (BZ)


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